• Water damage

    A burst pipe in the middle of the night. A fire with water damage. Flooding after severe storms.
    Bautro is as fast as the fire department when it comes to directly tackling water damage.

    Thanks to a novel, comprehensive drying system, we can eliminate the effects of water damage while keeping time and costs to a minimum. The dryer can be used independent on weather conditions and temperature.

  • Insulation drying

    Blowing dry air into existing insulation and structural components (such as soaked underlay, double-shell masonry and flat roofs) obviates the need to spend a lot of time and money replacing the existing parts.

    After Bautro has completed the drying process, all acoustic and thermal insulation elements fully regain their original function.

    The drying process is based on an absorption system, rather than hot air. This enables wood structures to be dried without any risk as well.

  • Building drying service

    Full room drying is inefficient and expensive in new buildings. This is why Bautro employs a targeted drying technique. For example, we can dry out newly installed underlay intended for parquet flooring, clinker tiling or indoor sports flooring.

    The same applies to wall structures, such as brick and concrete walls. In such cases, Bautro uses air buffers to dry out the structure. The drying process is thereby accelerated and kept under control.

  • Leak detection

    We use state-of-the-art devices, such as thermography, pigmentation, endoscopy, internal pipeline cameras, etc., to locate every weakness and leak.

    Our methods minimize costs, as chiseling work can be employed specifically in accordance with specifications. This special equipment enables us to visualize conduits in masonry, under-floor panels or in the ceiling.

  • Consultation

    Our specialists are on hand to provide expert advice about all possible types of water damage.
    We use state-of-the-art measuring devices and are committed to finding the best possible restoration solution for you, whether through drying or replacement work.

    Our specialists at Bautro are available to you everywhere and at all times. Just call us on 0800 815 815 or 0800 BAUTRO.

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Sensitive points

  • Floor-wall connection at the foundation level (construction joints), e.g. backup due to seepage pipe or sewage system.

  • Leaks in the cellar masonry (concrete or stone). Infiltration through cracks, incompletely compacted concrete (gravel pockets), unsealed binding holes in formwork.

  • Ducts through the foundation plate (drainage, installation of gas lines, etc.)

  • Threshold detail (unsealed window sill, backup from seepage pipe, etc.)

  • Swimming pools with their associated utility lines and backwash pumps. High excavation costs may arise for external facilities.

  • All terrace connection points to facades, parapets or canopies: are the connecting points wind- and weatherproof? Driving rain with high wind pressure, underground garage in ground, etc.

  • Age of roof, aging caused by weather (can the roof be refurbished or does it need to be replaced?) All penetrations through the roofing, e.g. roof drains, vent mounts, drain lines from flower boxes, freestanding supports, such as those for a pergola, etc.

  • Age and condition of the roof, penetrations through the roof (vent pipes, fireplace, etc.), backup from gutters (blockage), e.g. due to leaves, icing. All connection details in roof conversions, e.g. dormers, roof terraces. Storm damage (force majeure), damage to, or incorrect installation of vapor seals leads to condensation damage, etc.

  • Cracks in facades, infiltration through masonry, exterior insulation, transom structures, etc.

  • Exposition costs, e.g. for terraced houses or hillside locations, sewage pump shafts, etc.

  • Freshwater pipes (cold and warm water) are always under pressure. Floor-ceiling radiator heating system. All outlets, such as washbasins, showers, baths, etc., only conduct water when in use.

  • Water-bearing facilities in the kitchen and bathroom, e.g. boiler, washing machine, disposal unit, whirlpool, pool (indoor and outdoor), etc.


Bautro AG was founded in 1984, and operates 20 branches in all regions of Switzerland. The head office is located in Baar. Bautro AG currently has 60 employees.


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